a n i a n k r o n e
c a m e r a , e d i t i n g , g r a d i n g
a n i a n . k r o n e @ e a s y o r a n g e . d e
Anian Krone is a cinematographer and creative director from Munich.
Since he was a kid, he started to create little shortfilms and began to fall in love with the process of professional filmmaking.
Studying in a photography school in 2012 and working three years in a postproduction company, named RegionFive build the foundation. Nowadays, he works on several commercial and film sets.
This combination of set/post knowledge and lots of ambition, inspire him to make the most out of any project.

experteer (commercial) - 2nd assistant camera
toshiba transferjet (commercial) - add compositing
phoenix 9 (shortfilm) - add compositing

toshiba surveillance (commercial) - director of photography
br24 (tv spot) - 2nd assistant camera

siemens sivantos (commercial) - editor
datev digit. transformation (commercial) - colorist
vanessa mobilcamping (commercial) - director of photography, editor, colorist, sound design
kloster kitchen (commercial) - 2nd assitant camera
robinhood (prod. bavariafilm, shortfilm) - 1st assitant camera

guardian (shorfilm) - 2nd unit camera operator, 2nd assistant camera