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Leo Vinzenz is a student of the TUM School of Management at the Technical University of Munich with focus on marketing and information technology. While working on a lot of projects with different teams he always tries to optimize workflows, develop social media campaigns or take care of the digital infrastructure behind easyorange, but most of all he is keeping track of all calculations and timetables for the team and especially when it goes to film projects.
Leo started his film career in the early decade of 2000 with his first YouTube channel, but soon found out that he was better in planning and organizing projects rather than standing behind the camera. Even if he is doing the planning stuff behind easyorange, he stills shoots some behind the scenes pictures of easyoranges projects. With his experience in management and marketing, he is completing the team of film enthusiasts.
Since he loves travelling, he is always moving and looking for new adventures in the film industries.